Who uses DOODY FREE Services??

~Individuals, couples and families who want more time for themselves, their pets, family & friends, hobbies, work and FUN.

~Individuals who have pets but are not physically able to clean up after them properly.

~Pet Owners who have researched and found that DOODY which is left behind is not good for their pets health or our environment.

~Family, Friends, Co-Workers & Neighbors who buy gift certificates for our service for family or friends as gifts, fund-raisers or just to be helpful.

~Families who want more time to spend with each other and less time fighting about WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN UP THE DOG DOODY THIS WEEK?

~Neighborhoods, HOA's  and Apartment Complexes who want to keep their neighborhoods and grounds clean and free of disease caused by DOODY  left behind.

~Anyone who just doesn't want the job of cleaning up the DOG DOODY week after week!

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You Love your Dog but you don't love having the duty of cleaning the
DOODY in your yard!


Left to accumulate, dog DOODY ruins the appearance of your property, attracts disease-carrying pests, pollutes local waterways and offends your neighbors. Not to mention, endangering the health of your pets and your family!

We FREE  you from your  DOODY !!

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On the our visits, Doody Free will come to your home and clean up all of the pet waste from your yard or pen. We double bag it and take it away from your property for disposal. No more stinky trash cans!! We take every precaution to keep all of our equipment sanitary so as not to spread any potentially hazardous diseases from yard to yard.  We disinfect our tools each time we use them and we wear clean booties in each yard we go into. If you have a locked gate to get on to your property, we please ask that you have it unlocked for us and we will be sure to lock it for you after we leave. We are commited to you and your pets safety and well being!

About Our Personalized Services

Dogs POOP it,

We SCOOP it !!

Professional Pet Waste Removal Services

Servicing Iredell & North Mecklenburg Counties in North Carolina

Doody Free


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